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Born and raised in Israel, Lilach’s unique life experiences have provided her with the passion to become a jewelry designer.

At the young age of twelve she began creating pieces of jewelry from raw materials she found in her family home and her natural surroundings. Soon she obtained a local reputation from her friends and family wearing her unique pieces.

As a child she was mentored by her mother, whose beautiful clay sculptures adorned the home of her close-knit family. Her childhood has guided her to “Believe, dream and follow your passion. It will come to you.” Lilach expresses this belief in each of her unique pieces of jewelry. After two years in the Israeli army Lilach moved to the Unites States after falling in love with her American husband.

She currently resides with her husband and three children who are her greatest inspiration.
Lilach’s journey has led her to become an international jewelry designer. She currently showcases her pieces in boutiques in Israel and the United States.